The performance of every Internet site depends not only on the script that it functions with, but also on the web server where it is accommodated. If the hardware is powerful and reliable, the applications that run on it will function well. Additional RAM, for example, indicates that more processes can work concurrently, while a faster processor suggests that these processes will be executed more quickly. This matters because an internet hosting service consists of e-mail messages, databases, logs, and so on, so each of the last mentioned processes needs some resources in order to work efficiently. If the server does not have an adequate amount of power, the websites hosted on it will not perform well or can even time out if the machine cannot handle all the requests to it. Hosting your sites on servers with suitable hardware will give you the performance that you would like to have for them.
24-core servers, hardware in Hosting
If you obtain a hosting account from our firm, you will be able to reap the benefits of a really powerful setup that will provide amazing performance of every web application which you decide to host on our end. We've employed an advanced cloud platform where each part of the internet hosting service is managed by a different cluster of servers. Every machine which is part of any of the clusters has 64 GB RAM that will permit you to run multiple apps, while the speed of your sites will be guaranteed by powerful 24-core processors and solid-state drives. Every cluster can be expanded by attaching extra machines for even more power, so there's no upper limit for the system resources which our clients will be able to use at any given time. Unlike many competitors, we do not run everything on just a single machine and we simply do not save on the hardware at the expense of functionality.